She Might Think

I've worked on that game with Ludivine Berthouloux, she's done all the art (except the UI)! The music is by Podington Bear.

'She Might Think' is a little game in which you will different girls and see what they have to say. They will be visiting the same apartment, each with their own opinion on a selection of objects. The goal is secretly to show you that every girl is unique, has her own opinions and definitely doesn't answer to gender stereotypes. We used the opinions of real women and friends to create our characters.

You can dowload the game for free here:

Articles about She Might Think:

- Boing Boing Offworld - "She Might Think is a lovely, innovative experiment about perception"

- Kill Screen - "Instead of theorizing about what women think, why not just ask?"

- L'Oujevipo (FR) - "She Might Think"

Role on the game: Game Design, UI/UX Design, UI Art, Level Design, Programmation (Game Maker)